Joshuafall wrote (edited )

‘Notes from the US’ reported last month on an openly fascist organisation in Ohio which actively supports and pushes neo-Nazi ideas as part of its homeschooling project. Many of those who knew about the group expected the state’s officials to act against a body that advocated adulation of Hitler and what the Department itself described as ‘hate-filled, divisive and hurtful instruction’ adding that there was ‘absolutely no place’ in Ohio’s schools for such an approach – including in its home-schooling community.

As February’s ‘Notes’ was being published, the fascists got a pass, though: both police and sheriffs in Upper Sandusky Police Department told inquirers that there were no current investigations into either the group or its leaders, Logan and Katja Lawrence.

So racism and fascism can be openly taught to children. We're gonna have to fight these Nazis eventually.