JohnUltrakill wrote (edited )

Komodo dragons are one of the world's largest and most dangerous lizards, they grow to a maximum length of three meters and a weight of 70 kilograms. A single bite pretty much anywhere on the body can kill most animals within hours if they don't get any medical help. This is accomplished not with deadly bacteria, but with a very potent venom which lowers your blood pressure, disables coagulation and sends you into shock, weakening you. They are one of the few venomous apex predators on earth. They are also pretty strong physically, being able to uproot small trees even accidentally. They also have razor sharp claws, which aside from killing prey can be used to climb trees. They are also very fast runners, being able to reach 20 kilometers per hour. While this already makes them one of the most deadly animals on earth, their skin contains armored scales which act similarly to chainmail, being defensive against blunt force and sharp objects alike. They can also sense blood and dead animals from up to 8 kilometers away.

Komodo dragons are cool, I like em :3