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How do we organize this? This is the only tactic that is going to have any chance of affecting change. Protest doesn't work. We need to deny the industrialists their power. Their power is the economy. It has to be tanked.


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Because he doesn't believe industry can be scaled down or operate without capitalism. If you do the reading, it's really not an unreasonable conclusion to make. As long as there's civilization and technology, there's growth / expansion / oppression / authority / ecosystem destruction. It creates hierarchies. Civilization kickstarted the long descent into mass extinction. We've already wiped out billions of species.


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It's ironic that the image in the sidebar is about the Haymarket martyrs:

If I had a reddit account I'd post about that and see how long before they suspended me.


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Way to break the circlejerk with this "If you're going to tarnish capitalism, I demand figures backed by an authoritative source" routine.

I'm sure the noob feels really welcome and positive about posting right now.