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Of course there are differences between people, and of course white people are different than non-white people, but whiteness isn't something to celebrate, it's the dominant group forcing its will on everyone else and white identitarians throw angry tantrums when they're not at the center of attention.


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They see anything they can't squeeze profit out of as competitors. If they can tax gangs or get their stipend in other ways (lobbyist cash, campaign donations), then they're all for it. But they don't usually call those 'gangs', they just call them 'companies'. The police, on the other hand, love gangs because they pay them bribe money. But that money rarely gets to the top of the hierarchy up to the politicians, so street gangs are still officially criminalized.


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He's just your average bored white boy who bought into the white genocide myth because he wanted to feel special. White identity is culturally bankrupt and becoming increasingly irrelevant as society begins to celebrate diversity and that makes these giant babies lash out, demanding they remain at the top of the hierarchy.


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How do we organize this? This is the only tactic that is going to have any chance of affecting change. Protest doesn't work. We need to deny the industrialists their power. Their power is the economy. It has to be tanked.


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Because he doesn't believe industry can be scaled down or operate without capitalism. If you do the reading, it's really not an unreasonable conclusion to make. As long as there's civilization and technology, there's growth / expansion / oppression / authority / ecosystem destruction. It creates hierarchies. Civilization kickstarted the long descent into mass extinction. We've already wiped out billions of species.