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I had a pretty good conversation with one before. He wanted to end the war on drugs, basically disband the police entirely and a bunch of other agreeable things. We didn't really talk about economics though, so that's why it wasn't so bad. I occasionally try to pull him over to the left because he basically is most of the way there, but hasn't lost faith in capitalism (he's a rich white kid).


JazzSpeedruns wrote

What a joke. I am a white person (at least I appear to be, the whole concept of whiteness is dumb anyway and I don't care to hold it up or identify with it). I have never faced actual discrimination for being white in my entire life. On the other hand, I'm also queer. I have very definitely faced discrimination and harassment for that. I legitimately don't think these people know what the word discrimination means.

The worst they have to deal with is minorities being fed up with their ignorance. That's not discrimination. for every single person claiming we should kill or subjugate all white people (a thing that will never realistically happen) you can find at least a thousand white supremacists spouting the same horrid shit about minorities. You can reasonably go most of your life as a white person completely avoiding serious racial prejudice, the same can't be said for racial and gender/sexual minorities, where some of us deal with it daily.

White people do not have to deal with being turned down from jobs or apartments because of their race. Their neighborhoods aren't patrolled by police. They do not have to deal with discussions of genocide of their entire race that somehow seep into the "free marketplace of ideas". affirmative action quotas do not prohibit white people from doing anything, they are included in the quotas.

They legitimately see other people gaining rights as them losing rights.