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If I remember correctly, the government had intel, like you said, and let it happen but I also feel what u/existential1 is saying. Maybe it's a bit of both. Let the event happen, adding another target or two (maybe to cover something up or to ramp up the public reaction), and never have to take blame. I sincerely hope it isn't the case, but it is the American government so it isn't impossible.


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Online gaming has helped me make friends. I met an interesting dude on Waframe yesterday and we talked on discord for awhile then played Sea of Thieves. Gaming is a good start (if you like games anyway) because you both already have that game you both like. Really find a meet up spot for people that have the same hobby as you and you'll likely find more common ground. And the friendship grows from there.


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Why wait for a ban? Lol if you don't like the community here you can choose to go back to reddit