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It helps to find alone time. I'm not sure what living arrangements you are in but maybe you guys can take turns outside for alone time.

It also helps to do something fun and informative as a family. It creates an overall positive atmosphere. I've been teaching my family about cordage making, knot tying, and weaving. I don't know much of any of it but I try to learn new stuff to teach them. My kids are still young (younger than 10) so they are easily entertained. So that makes it easy. It may not be of value I suppose to older kids.


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My wife (not much of the gardening type normally) just started wild onions indoors. They're already growing sprouts, only been a few days. I think she wants to do more so we are probably going to buy large planters soon. I've been trying to get her interested in this stuff for awhile. If the pandemics done anything positive at all, its been the change of perspective people have adopted


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If you see people shoplifting right now, you can perform a citizen's arrest and restrain them until law enforcement arrives. If they try to resist, remember you can defend yourself with deadly force if necessary.>

Oh my, the lawsuits after someone follows through with this... Are people really this...? I can't think of the proper word for it... Lol


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Some herb and the Primitive Technology youtube channel. John Plant doesn't speak in the videos so all the sounds are nature and him working on whatever project. That makes his videos peaceful for me. He has subtitles on his vids that provide information while he works. I like the format because sometimes I just want to chill and sometimes I want to learn while I chill lol


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I am unfamiliar with said cannotations. Would you mind providing some info about that? I use the word uppity at times without even thinking lol might be a mistake on my part I suppose

EDIT: Nevermind, I found info. At least I have only been calling white people uppity lol