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Its all about serial numbers, if you steal from a store your less likely to get caught but if an individual has that serial written down or saved somewhere (especially with phones, tablets). you will be caught easily and all the pawn shops in my area all require a photo ID when selling, pawning or buying anything.


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What I was thinking about doing, was to buy it then turn it on, use a photo from the internet of a busted LCD screen. and display it on the screen and take a photo of it, photoshop it a bit to also make the box also look punctured. But im still scared theyll ask me to return the TV, which would already be a major hassle,

FUN FACT: I found out that it actually costs an average of $40 to ship a TV, Even with the cheapest shipping method.


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This is true, I was at walmart wanting to get an ipad, she took it and put it behind the counter until i was ready, but you gotta remember the cameras are watching, IDK how people even manage to take electronics that are not locked up, dont the cameras look directly at the counters where the employees work? they will just go back and review the footage and your ass is grass.


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(This works better with 2 people because they will be far less suspicious if 2 different people are seen going in and out the door with the same product.)

1: Take your first person and go buy the item and take it to your car. (remember which door you went out of -IE Left or Right side of the store and tell the other person this before they go back in-)

2: Now the second person can bring back in the receipt (in his pocket), Go and slide another product onto his cart, walk casually to the other door that you previously did not go out of. (staple the receipt or tape it to the box to make it look more official)

3: Show the receipt to the door man and walk out. (try and look away from the cameras near the exit doors or look way down at your cell phone, (These cameras have a very poor resolution)

4: Go to another store and return the product and get your money back.

BONUS: Bring your kids with you and you have an almost 100% chance at getting out. They will never question a person with his/her kids.

TIPS: Do this in the early AM before noon or after 9PM. This is because they closely monitor the security cameras at peak hours from noon to 7PM.

EXTRA TIP: This method is 100% likely to work without fail if done on black friday or around very busy times like Christmas. The associates are so busy helping other people they will not recognize you among the hundreds of other people in the store.