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Nutritional yeast/yeast flakes do not always contain B12. If it does, it's because it's fortified. However, B12 is also photosensitive- it may degrade as the product sits on the shelf.

B12 should be supplemented for explicitly. Especially for a rapidly developing human.


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The capitalist worked for 30 years so he could start this business,

Its awesome how even capitalist apologists recognize the invalidity of mere capital ownership. All of these hypotheticals always start with the mythical "hard work" to justify the ownership.

Its just like with the rhetorical focus on "small business owners" where the owner's privileged labor is used as justification for his right to profit from the labor of others through the ownership of capital. They can't justify mere ownership by itself. They always have to muddy it with some labor ostensibly performed.


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Attempting to define the nature of human tool use (technology) comes off about as well as defining "human nature" itself.

And distinctions like "shovels aren't technology" ate arbitrary and inadequate.

We could talk about technology as a force multiplier and how that can be used to exploit weaknesses in social structures- but I rarely hear about that. Its always some moralist nonsense about the "true nature" of technology.


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Surely more often than that. They're just "impractical" or "unprofitable".

Market distortions run deep.


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If we're talking about basic ingredients, this is only really true for eggs and milk (because subsidies).

If we're talking about food products, then its true for a wider variety of foods, but only because eggs and milk are tossed into everything because they're so cheap. For example, all of the generic pasta sauces at my local grocer have milk in them. Fucking why? But if I was poor, I'd say fuck it best effort and use the generic stuff anyways.

and the fetishization of vegan lifestyles by bourgeois fools raises artificially the price.

Stay out of the "vegan" aisle. Its usually the same shit you'd find elsewhere but marked up. And full of dubious health orientated claims. There is no way in hell that tapioca (oo, how exotic) starch soaked in coconut oil "cheese replacement" is better for you than mozzarella.


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My grandmother is native, as in her mother died on a reservation.

What does this mean for me? Fuck all. You would never know it looking at me, so I don't have to deal with any prejudice. I have no shared struggle. She never passed any cultural elements (thanks uber Christian grandpa), so I'm not even sure what I'm missing. I have no social proximity. I am, by any common ascertainment, "white".

Fuck Warren and every other white person who claims heritage based on some long dead " relative" that was probably female and probably property.

based on appearance

Well, yeah. At the risk of fucking this up: You're black because you were told you were. That's the whole problem with race.


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I find the omnipotent NSA hypothesis to be lazy and paralyzing. Even if they were, there are lesser enemies that are still worthy to thwart. Even if it's just commercial data collection and marketing agencies. Advertising works, maybe especially if the person thinks they're "immune".

And as for elaborate honeypots, I don't see the need. And I don't see the capability demonstrated outside of targeted situations. Most peoples' OpSec is absolute trash- all of the 'revelations' surrounding how fucked the Internet is were known vulnerabilities since forever. The only "surprising" part is that they were being exploited so brazenly and broadly.

The surveillance state isn't a perfectly omnipotent malevolence. It's a tacticool jobs program for white boys.


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no Pizzagate

Sometimes there is some indication of a conspiracy. But then you have useful, or maybe even planted, idiots yelling about "controlled demolition" or pizza parlors to poison the discourse.

It's pretty transparent because it usually only happens when its a story white people would otherwise care about.


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The app is a custom branded build of Bitmask.

Oof. Not the best way to do this. I hope they're relatively minor changes that don't introduce vulnerabilities and don't preclude timely patches. Does the main build of Bitmask not support some relatively easy config file? I know with OpenVPN I just bring an ovpn file that automatically configures everything client side.

Edit: from Bitmask app

Bitmask is a VPN client using OpenVPN with automatic configuration.

Oh, come on guys. A fork of a fork? Please don't.