JFKCrusade wrote

Have a receipt on hand from a previous purchase, then they'll have no reason to call you back or suspect you. Asking for receipts at the exit is customary at Walmart; just because they ask for your receipt doesn't necessarily mean they suspect you of shoplifting.


JFKCrusade wrote

dont use a reusable shopping bag and an old receipt and just use the walkout method

Oh lol this is what I did. I put a black jacket into my bag beforehand to make it look full but I didn't put too much effort into concealing the jacket. Of course, when I was actually lifting things I put them underneath the jacket and held the bag closed with my shoulder. Didn't have any trouble today, but you make me a little worried about my method, lol.


JFKCrusade wrote

Literally did one today at 18:00 while it was pretty busy.

Step 1: Fill up shopping cart with random stuff

Step 2: Go to blind spot

Step 3: Put a few things into a reusable Walmart shopping bag you have on hand (I stuffed a black coat into it beforehand so that the cameras could see that it was somewhat full beforehand)

Step 4: Leave shopping cart in blind spot

Step 5: Pretend to talk on phone

Step 6: Walk out of Garden Center with filled reusable bag while talking on the phone and holding an old Walmart receipt out