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I like to eat fruit and walk and learn about astrology and talk to people about vulnerable topics. I like to be in the nature and I like to watch Star trek. I like to shop at REI. If I we're rich I would spend all my money at that store. I know I'm feeding the devil with these consumerist ego driven thoughts. I'm just notthere yet.. :-o

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School is kind of like the Saturn archetype. Anyone can do the things that they want to do when they feel like doing them, but results come to those who do the things they want to do when they don't feel like doing them.

People who run marathons often train until it hurts. A lot of people do this by hiring a coach. Teachers are kind of like knowledge or education coaches. They can be.

Also, someone said above about all the computers and tablets in the classrooms now... that's how it is in star trek. Technology can be used as an advantage.


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People learn in unique ways. I find the school environment beneficial. I also think that it's really good for children to be in a school environment as I was not given that right growing up in my teenage years. Because of this denial, I grew up as a shell of a human being which I have had to work on a lot.

When I was living in nature the feral children had no school. They learned useful skills, but at the same time they wanted to learn things like math, and reading and the parents simply didn't have a lot of time or resources to teach them those things. I learned in a childhood education textbook that was part of my friend's curriculum for her teaching credential that children who thrive often do so because they are raised by the community. This is why many Chicano children beat the odds and move on to higher education. Children learn from being able to associate with others and develop new experiences. It's really important that children are exposed to many different things, and what better way to expose them than through school.

Things are not white or black. While our school systems can stand improvement, school is good. School is a good good thing. Knowledge is power. There are certain things you just can't learn on your own. Many things require interaction in order to grasp.


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I wish the gym was treated like therapy focused on success vs focused on making people feel insecure. What a great money pit.

There is an advertisement at my gym in the bathroom that is so dehumanizing and humiliating. I think it's for Baja Fresh? It says something to the effect of work out hard so you can earn/ deserve your meal/calories. It made me want to cry. :-(

I like to go to the gym, but I don't like the gym culture. The gym is kind of a weird place. So many egos focusing on externals. It's an intense energy place. It is a lot more fun though if you have a friend to go with. Picking things up and putting them down can get kind of dull all by yourself. :-)