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I had several episodes with Ambien. I hate that I am unable to use it to help with my sleep issues. I once woke up in the grocery store parking lot with only socks and one shoe on. I had zero recollection of any of the events.


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I don't know what the intention of this post is but I don't disagree with you. I hate myself, I am intolerant of how passive I have been, I feel like a bigot because I am too scared to walk away from my capitalist habits. I will have to disagree with you on racism and I don't think Raddle is full of any the previous. There are many people who are scared, broken, who love and who want to be loved. What they don't want are people who are not going to take the time to understand them, defend them, and love them.

Thus, if your intention was to make those who are marginalized feel less than human because they actively and maybe violently defend their right for safety then you have failed.


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Do you have any pointers on how you solved this?

I feel like a failure and a hypocrite. Both of my parents are in declining health, they have limited funds, and I feel like I need to step up and plug that fiscal gap. However, this makes me work harder and then I feel disappointed with myself because I don't know when I can 'safely' step out of the rat race. Of course the more I work the more I neglect my health, my garden, eating healthy, and how can I even openly discuss being an anarchist when I am brazenly feeding the machine.


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Trying to live a more simple life. It is hard to move away from decades of habits and indoctrination. All the while trying to keep myself mentally safe.