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They created socialism. Communism (classless, stateless society) is not possible in a predominantly capitalist world. Defending yourself against capitalist states requires a state.

That said, who's praising them? Recognizing the achievements of socialist societies doesn't require hero worship of guys who did indeed "kill a lot of people who shouldn't have been killed".


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Eh, poly is cool for those who genuinely want it but it really seems popular among brocialists these days as a way to get around that new, more equal definition of monogamy the cartoon mentioned. The more radical I get the more celibacy appeals to me - or relationships with other women. I'm bi, but getting tired of being seen as prey.


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Success has more to do with connections and skills you don't learn in school (as in, how to convince bourgies you're one of them) than education or relevant skills, no question.

The extra shitty thing is, we could all netwoek like crazy and learn to schmooze with the worst of 'em, and the owning class would just move the target because capitalism requires most people to fail.