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you dont have to use foil. there is already a Faraday cage fabric you can sew into a layer of the bag. definitely on Amazon id think, basic crafting


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the last time I got caught was at a grocery store and a guy who was checking out paid for me so I was let go. hands on lp.


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I feel like hobby lobby in california is gonna have a dynamic of being hit a lot because of the christian factor. also it seems to be harder lifting on the west coast so ymmv


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just to be educational of the irl old fashioned crime side of things....

you can also sell things in person in 'ghetto' neighborhoods...

(honestly this is more of a theoretical post, if you're a young white kid you'll not have success bringing your loot down to the ghetto... lolll )

1 little bodega/corner store. if they sell loose cigarettes and crack pipes this is the store you're looking for. literally they will pay cash for things that they'll resell in the store

2 people who run small time thrift shops. these are like presumably unlicensed little consignment type shops. you'll also find these in the southern us fuckin everywhere but on the east coast/Midwest it'll be in the ghetto

3 hustler types who'll either flip it themselves or like to buy stolen stuff cause it's thuggish

4 ladies who run supermarket type thing out of their garage. these ladies usually are extreme couponers for the main source of their stock but I can't imagine they wouldn't buy your shit if you were offering bare bones prices

5 pawn shop. fuck these people but they will technically give you cash even if it's like 1/10 the the value. the one I used to go to wouldn't really bat an eye if you were blatantly selling stolen stuff as long as it had no serial #. blatantly stolen as in 'hey dude I have like 5 of this item still in the packaging for some reason I want to sell it you instead of return it'.

there's my little lesson of the real world.

honestly there's nothing greater than the freedom of learning how to survive with nothing but your wits



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any strong magnet will work. magnetism is simply one of the four forces of physics:


-strong molecular force

-weak molecular force


which is why it's so silly for then to use a universal force as a locking mechanism.

you can't make magnetism illegal any more than you can ban gravity or scientific knowledge.

this is a convenient thing to remember if you ever have to justify carrying a magnet in your pocket...

btw if I had to guess, your 50 pound magnets probably are neodimium [sic]. are they a smooth shiny silver?


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basically what you want to do is pretend to be a regular shopper who's going to buy a switch. that means you're only in the store to get the switch and maybe some other electronics. so head right there. nobody buys expensive electronics on a whim. the heart of a walkout is in maintaining the illusion that you're a regular shopper up until you basically low key boonk gang that shit outta there. the closer you can get the switch to the door without doing anything out of the ordinary the better. honestly these days I'd even try standing in line at the register for a bit to gather your strength.

this is assuming you're able to even pick the item up and carry it to the register without being asked to pay in electronics. I would reccomend pretending to browse games until the electronics associat seems busy. then you can be like, 'oh better take this to the front because they're too busy' but say that with your body language. a consumer would seem busy and a little hurried but understanding of the employees busyness. so channel that.

the other part: for a specific example if you took a switch and they were able to get your license plate they would pretty much definitely call the police and give them the information leading them to the address of wherever the car is registered to. probably one of your relatives or parent who doesn't need that shit going on. this sorta thing is how I first got caught. the solution to this is parking in a nearby lot and going to your car in a roundabout way.


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despite whatever weird rumor has sprung up, it's actually easiest to steal as a kid/teenager. it's so much harder to steal in your 20s.


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I had no luck reselling then but a pawn shop once gave me 5$ a card for SD cards that could be had like 15 at a time ... of course 5$ is like 1/4 a reasonable price for a 64 gb or above


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I feel like the end of lifting kind of got forced on me by being arrested multiple times.

eventually it just turns Into to this like anxiety complex where you're thinking about jail while in the process of even shopping.

I can't really lift anymore because LP basically stares at me for simply being inside the store and not touching anything.

tbh I'm gonna try to get some bad stops on me because that seems like a better spending of my time when I can't even make off with things like notepads and candles anymore. it's really that bad.

literally today I had to film myself leaving a store because it was so probable that I was about to be accused. when I had paid with my credit card of course.