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Umm, short version: Not 'seeing race' is regularly used to systematically deny that there are historical advantages and disadvantages given to those people with the various created categories, cemented over centuries. We have to be able to recognise the categories to be able to unmake them. Regardless of whether a person sees race, racism is still there, and ignoring it does not make it go away, it perpetuates it. I've never once heard someone from around here say "I don't see race" who wasn't a full of shit racist who hasn't even done the basic work of understanding their place in history.


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Ummmmm. Talking about the ways it relates to other approaches would help I think.

Prefiguration and direct action and how that's different from how the world is now and how others propose things. People like me often will have trouble understanding something unless it's rooted in negation of something else. 'We're not like marxists because xyz' is possibly more effective a means of conveying ideas than more general claims for me.

Because you've written the base, but if a person reads what you're saying as a 101 piece they probably won't have the info needed to draw the right conclusions based on what you said. So teasing it out a bit would help.

And there are other ways to say certain bits that fill it out with substance in a similar way. Like how you say

for an imagined place and time, and imagined people. It is for real people and dealing with real problems.

Although it's not explicitly said, for me it's implicit that this also speaks to how anarchy is situational, it's always rooted in a specific context, and looks different depending on that context. A reader might not draw that immediately just based on what you said,


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Imagine if as much time and energy was spent engaging with theory or developing new methods as is currently expended reposting msm articles about shitty cops and politicians.

It's way easier to post stuff to an archive than to do theory work. Usually when I'm posting I'm just trying to take it easy. In my case at least I'm doing as much hardcore theory and experimentation on methods as I can, but that's a whole different realm from copy/pasting links from facebook to here.

All non communist thought is interpreted as “anti-name your identity category”. Strange and conflicting dynamics at work.

yeah, people half-ass their theory all the time. I spend time doing what I can to not be one of those.