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......And the employee fired was Black and pregnant, so the shittiness of Netflix doubles down.


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Well, that's what happens with these "five over one" apartments, they seem to burn down a lot when the all they have up are the wooden frame, before the insulation and drywall are installed and the outer "skin" is put up. "Engineered lumber" is just wood treated with petrochemicals, so it burns well. (A "five over one" has a cement ground floor, usually a parking garage, then five stories of wood framing hidden by fake stucco or fake brick. In California, many of these places are being built without the cement ground floor. "Well There's Your Problem" did an entire episode on these buildings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVodkE47aLw .)

The Earth Liberation Front is no longer around to be used as a false-flag for insurance scammers, so it will be interesting to see who or what gets blamed.


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It's like a script that all juntas follow: cut off communications when you take over, close down the local media, replace it with your media, cut off air/sea/land travel from outside into the country and vice-versa. Some of them go faster, some slower, some don't hit every point, but in the end, the country is theirs for as long as the Generals can tolerate being faux-ministers and faux-presidents.


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A website related to Hubin's is "Ayn Rand Contra Human Nature", which was originally built around the 2001 Greg Nyquist book of the same name, but has since gone deeper and farther into ripping Objectivism and all the new people who have picked it up as a banner to grift under (Stefan Molyneux, believe-it-or-not) since the GWB years. Tears into the pseudoscience that is part of the philosophy (because Rand had a 19th century view of physics), her weird ideas about aesthetics, etc. Also the only place to talk about the now-forgotten Founder's College, the Randian four year school that only lasted a year (2007).