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If everybody is racist, to refrain from talking to racists is to retreat from politics entirely.


The societal project is rotten. The people are disgusting. The white men in charge are literally killing the planet. I'm supposed to believe that being nice to a couple of racists is going to change anything? Cracker bootlickers can burn along with everything else. I wish not for reconciliation. I wish for revenge. Neither will happen, and so, I walk away. Retreat from politics, because everyone is racist. I will not waste my fleeting life winning over those that don't deserve my love.


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What I would love to see more of is anarchists daring to get into deep waters, and carrying conversations further rather than starting new ones, restarting old ones.

Video was so basic and entry-level, I got bored within a couple minutes. It's cool to see another person echo anarchist sentiment, but I don't engage with anarchist "content" to feel validated (I care not for others' approval). I seek out places like raddle, with essays and links and conversations, in hopes of pushing beyond my limited understanding. Continually preaching to the unconverted means approaching discussion on their terms. and so, we get videos with comments asking to recontextualize anarchy based on marxism or markets or some other equally beaten-to-a-pulp dead horse.

If an anarchist isn't inspiring the ire of respectable society, then perhaps what they're saying isn't so much radical as it is reaffirming milquetoast platitudes under the guise of edgy aesthetics. I rather have more ziqs. Zero aesthetics, constant provocation.


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Reply to comment by ziq in The Problem with Hierarchy by ziq

I would expect nothing less of an anarchist. Respect.

and lol. I said a similar thing to my friend when they were talking shit about me dropping out of school. As if I care about what the academics think of anarchy. Graeber's making the rounds and I'm getting Chomsky flashbacks.

My opinion > The universe


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seems like a peaceful, virtual existence. The slow death of someone lucky enough to live in a walled garden. Boring, for sure.

Have you considered going on a dangerous romance-filled adventure, like in the movies? Maybe doing something you have never done before?

There have been moments in my life when I have been so consumed with boredom, I move away and never look back. New sights, new smells, new people, new loves and new annoyances. Keeps things interesting, even if I stay my same old boring self.

I like video games too.


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I love giant robots but generally hate giant robot anime. How can writers take such an awesome concept and make it so boring?

Most anime bores me, yet I crave more. Probably something to do with my empty civilized life. I yearn for the wonder and amazement that anime impressed upon my childhood. Rare is that feeling now. The number of shows I enjoy drops every year. Wonder and amazement retreat from me, leaving a cynical chasm that grows with every disappointment. Child me gobbled up Gundam. Older me prefers to snack on forum posts instead. I wonder if the problem is boring art, or my outsized expectations concerning commercials for (man)children?

I watched the Patlabor movie last night. Been in a mood for giant robots, but I don't think Gundam is for me (judging from your write up). Got anything mecha related recs?