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“I began seeing the way those stories were interpreted and being used almost as a means to—and I don’t say this lightly—but to control people,” Jones said.

Is this not religion in its entirety????? Where's that shocked electric rat when you need 'em?


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I feel left out by all this Zoe Baker talk. Vaush all over again. I'm sure I'll get around to googling them eventually, but I think I prefer the second-hand shit talking on raddle. If they ain't good enough for my virtual homies, why should I care?


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When I look into the river, I can see all that goes on behind me: willows swaying, clouds or stars or emptiness above, swallows and bats divebombing me and hawks and eagles so high above, watching for prey.

Lucky you. When I look into the bodies of water near me, all I see is foam and plastic.


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largely unimaginable

I'll shed a single tear for Mad Max fans everywhere. It ain't happening.


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This is a post informing everyone that I did not read that shit. Have a nice day.


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It feels so imposing to be who I am.

I can relate. I often feel like an annoyance to my housemates. I complain about meat and cars and sexism, constantly. They do those things, constantly. We impose on each other with our words, yet, the need for idle talk remains. A house full of extroverts and no one likes what the other has to say. Like a clown booked for a funeral, funny and sad all at once.

I look forward to your posts on raddle. I bet other people do too. Your presence can't be an burden if people are asking for it.

I know message boards aren't exactly a replacement for IRL interactions, but whenever I'm feeling social and I got no one around that would appreciate my brain diarrhea, I hop online and shitpost. I've been posting more lately. Perhaps I should find new housemates? Harder to do when the housemates are family.


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It's hard out there for ethical cheese stans. They gotta solve Zelda-tier puzzles just to get a fix of their already stolen, putrid block of tit juice.

As the fairies say, "Two wrongs don't make a right."

"But three rights make left!"

Make three rights into the veggie aisle. Play a different game. Go vegan.


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You're writing a book


I'm assuming

intent to sell

sell a lot

and you manage to write the most worthless post on raddle?

Good luck.


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so wait, you creep on message boards and then manipulate women in distress to send you nudes? Do you share them? ... because that would be gross. I feel like half of porn on the internet is dudes sharing nudes without consent.