Halstan OP wrote

My name is suspicious? Still don't know (or care) what "voat" is, but what would infiltrating this place even mean? If people act like shits don't they get booted?

Yeah, a lot of zerohedge is right wing trash, but I like some of their stuff. They used to not be so bad in regards to the far right leanings. It's a shame.


Halstan wrote

"Diversity," has become a dog whistle for facists. Pro diversity to them means pro killing white people and anti diversity means pro white. Trump is very clear about the message he is sending.


Halstan wrote

One way to find out. However, if farm laborers and fast food worker strikes are any indication, it would probably just speed up the transition to automated labor. The capitalists care nothing for the people. They will drain and drain until the worker is dry then find an alternative. Best to seperate from the system entirely and then help bring it down.