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My first exposure to travel was British tourism. Essentially either:

  1. Go to an English-speaking hotel somewhere in Spain and only venture outside of it to go clubbing
  2. Go to a foreign place and get chaperoned around on a strictly scheduled 7 day tour, by an English-speaking tour guide, then leave
  3. Drive to a camping site somewhere in England, stay there for a bit, then drive home.

So for a while I thought I hated travel. Then I started distance cycling and think I have found my perfect method of travel. Not only is it 100% human powered, but you're going just quick enough to get where you need to, but not too quick that you can't stop to take in the view. It really allowed me to truly immerse myself in the places I was travelling to. Ironically, being alone left me less isolated. I'm hoping to go biking in other lands soon, just need all of the right puzzle pieces to slot together.


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It just reminded me too much of the truscum gaslighting I received when I was first figuring out gender stuff. The mods on her subreddit getting all ban-happy didn't help.

I'm still glad that her stuff is out there, but I spent days after seeing that video just thinking about it. It just wasn't a good thing for me to watch in that particular space and time. I hear her subsequent video addressed these complaints, but the aesthetic just left a really bitter taste in my mouth.