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Reminds me of how one time I related with a stranger on hating trump. They started talking about how we need another lefty prez like obama. I started shitting hard on obama and this person couldn't believe that obama was a right-wing piece of shit. They completely confounded when attempting to understand that point of view, despite the numerous examples that testify to these claims.


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I'm personally suspicious of r/u/mcgrathc09. They have a post history riddled with "fash pretending to not be fash" posts. There's just this weird promotion of general anti-fascist rhetoric without really being informed by Anarchist ideas while unironically defending shitty things like the integrity of historical accuracy in the "Battlefield" video game series and more.


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I'd just say dead at this point. There's too many on the list to go on by the time he's being reckoned with.

Fuck #43, #44, #45, and even #46. Fuck the US, the biggest terrorists of our time. Destroy the puppets that help facilitate the violent circus of power grabs.

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lol, the democratic party is seriously just about as bad. Would you like a gigantic turd, or a massive turd? The lesser turd must be amazing, because we can only choose between the two in this framework. Maybe reconsider the framework at that point...


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  • Make a zine/informational about an important topic.

  • Creating memes from an Anarchist perspective.

  • Assassinating dictators.

  • Creating an autonomous zone.

  • Horizontal community public safety organizing to replace the police.

  • Teaching people how to steal from the rich effectively.

  • Creating a space online that Anarchists can share these ideas with each other.

edit: Came up with some more!

  • Aiding in defending indiginous sovereignty.

  • Being support for people suffering from addictions, and helping them be on a healthy path they want to be on.

  • Stopping pipelines from being built.

  • Investigating history, and appreciating the context for how you have come to be.

  • Identifying priviledges caused by being a part of a white-supremacist, hetero-normative, patriarchal, trans-phobic, classist, state controlled labor farm.

  • Calling out problematic behaviour in comrades, no matter their status in the group.