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Oh god I hate that. I argued with some self-identifying trump fans before the election, and they kept talking over me and viciously attacking hillary as if I would ever side with her and wouldn't even listen when I told them I hate her until I repeated it enough times. Once they realized I didn't like hillary, of course they assume I'm a bernie lover and the first thing they say is "Why would you trust someone that looks like Mr. Burns?!" lol wtf. I urged them to please just stop trusting any of them, but they were only preaching not conversing...


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I still lurk here, even if I haven't posted much lately. Been pretty busy.

Had a nice job lined up. It was perfect until a conversation with the employer revealed that we are not fond of each other's politics. We both instantly rejected each other at that, lol. Fuck that guy. Fuck doing anything that benefits that person.

Otherwise, my friends and I did some mayday actions that we are proud of, and I've been really enjoying the weather.

Good to see the site continuing to thrive. :)


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hbomberguy has said/done many bad things outside of that

I haven't seen all of hbomberguy's stuff, but of what I have seen, I found him to be pretty funny. I'm curious to know, and disappointed to hear, about the bad things.


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I have a lot of hope, but a lot of bad feelings about the future. I have plenty of friends and intimacy, but somehow still feeling lonely. I know what I need to do in my life, but I'm losing a lifestyle that offered me the freedom that enabled healing in my life.

I feel like I'm in limbo waiting for a great change. I need to discard a lot of ideas and patterns in my lifestyle that are holding me back. I need to nurture the effective Anarchist in my mind and unleash the passion at the center of someone engaged in active war.


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I honestly just chuckle at the meme because of the irony of how "NPC" they are in comparison. It's like the "snowflake" thing. The irony goes way over their head as they yell it, and I could never take it seriously enough to be offended by it.

But because of the types of people using it often, it is now yet another alt-right dogwhistle that outs them to anyone paying attention to general political discourse.


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I've always considered a person at best a "centrist" when they tolerate oppression from the rich/bigots/misogynists/white-supremacists/queerphobic people, but "the left" is about no longer tolerating that shit to me. So I've never understood the idea that the "left" is supposed to be tolerant.

Tolerating nazis during rising fascism is not "tolerance', it's just looking the other way so that unjustified and racist/misogynist/queerphobic intolerance could thrive.


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Same story here. I abandoned reddit once LWSE got shutdown and began lurking on the wordpress site until finally making an account like a year ago. Since then, I mostly spend my time here.

I pretty much stopped being on reddit once saying "bash the fash" was a bannable offence, while helicopter jokes were "flippantly" flying around untouched all over the place, indicating what a shithole it had become. The final nail on the coffin though was when they closed the code.