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That's an interesting point.

I can see where you are coming from in terms of incel feelings of entitlement.

I would consider it natural as one grows up to have an expectation that one is going to have sex, and it certainly is deeply unhealthy to think of this is an entitlement.

What do you think is taking these people from having a reasonable expectation that they will have sex, to a point that they feel they are entitled to it?


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You can find the studies and articles about them with a quick Google.

By 'top tier men' I am referring to those considered the most desirable.

In the past, a higher percentage of handsome Dave's would be in relationships. Thus off the market. This is because social stigmas such as 'slut shaming' we're still in effect.

The prettiest girls would pair off with the prettiest boys. The medium boys with the medium girls etc.

That dynamic has changed. The medium girls now have access to the prettier boys, so aren't as interested inbred medium boys, leaving the low tier losers without a look in.

I feel that boys and girls both want sex as much as each other. So something must be at play


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Studies have shown that while number of young women having sex has marginally increased, the number of men not having any sex has gone through the roof.

It appears that amongst the young, a few men are having all the sex. And while before, numbers of your men who were having zero sex was a thing, numbers have gone way up.

It seems that the changes that have taken place are that.

  1. 'Top tier men' are no longer being taken off the market at the same rate

  2. Partner sharing, that is sleeping with the same person as many of your friends no longer carries any stigma.

I'm certainly not trying to blame feminism or say it's all the fault of the wemen, but it comes across as a little ignorant and knee jerk to say that feminism has nothing to do with it, as feminism has had a large role to play in the changing attitudes and behaviours of both genders in relation to sex and relationships


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"As boys grow up, the process of becoming men encourages them to shed the sort of intimate connections and emotional intelligence that add meaning to life"

This is completely backwards. Men are expected to have greater emotional intelligence as men are expected to be emotionally self reliant. Able to effectively regulate their emotions without outside assistance.

Raising a boy to become reliant on others for these things is cruel


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Hmm not sure I agree as voat is a free speech site, tho currently mainly occupied by the right and far right.

However I have posted left wing content there and have actually been thanked for doing so and debated.

None of my left wing posts ended up with negative scores.


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Author is an idiot.

If all the non native American people left tomorrow, the US would become and environmental disaster.

Who is going to look after the nuclear reactors and nuclear waste storage depots, all the chemical stores, oil infrastructure, dangerous munitions. Not to mention all the buildings and facilities that would fall into ruin.