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I know that intellectually. I can see that clearly with someone I haven't ever bought into, like a Kamala Harris or Larry Krasner. But Bernie was such a big part of my turn to radicalism that I still have some emotional attachment to him. I like him personally, so it disappointments me when he does stuff like this.

Also, as someone who has followed him for a decade before he ran for President, I think he has become more and more of a liberal, especially over the last 2 years. So part of my surprise is his continued turn from somewhat radical social democrat into purely liberal career politician.


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  1. Fuck you

  2. Capitalism doesn't produce safety and comfort for the vast majority. I'd personally take Soviet style society over current capitalism (though it has been rightfully pointed out that soviet style economy was not communism, but state capitalism). That being said, I would rebel against that too.


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Money? I feed, clothe and house my family. There is no investment, we struggle to survive. That's the reality for more than 50% of the American population, and the vast majority of the people in the world.


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I will be asking them, but from what I know the community needs access to healthy food and affordable housing.

I think some other projects that might be good are:

  1. A Gym or fitness facility/community
  2. A Really Really Free Market
  3. An anarchist library
  4. A place for people to hang out
  5. A place to organize training that would focus on organizations that could support people in crisis without having to call the police

I really want to expand what I'm thinking about though and start with a very wide net and then focus down on what would be most helpful to the liberation of my community.


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If you take a look at our electoral system, our opinion and experience already don't matter, even if we do vote. Fuck voting because voting will NEVER change America. The system is already captured by the bourgeoisie, and voting cannot dismantle it.

So, saying "fuck voting" as a strategy to change america should not be discouraging (I know that's a hard opinion to hear as people who have been brainwashed by the neoliberal system into believing in the saintly nature of voting and democracy). It is empowering. It is taking a look at things without blinders, and allowing us to focus on things that are worthwhile. Voting is not something that is worthwhile. Building up power within your community is. Building networks of solidarity and mutual aid is worthwhile. Hands on direct action is worthwhile. Voting is not, and never will be.