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I'm white, and I can recognize the centuries of oppression in the past and how that affects the present without being personally wounded.

If the threads on here "pushed you to the right" you were already there, this just gave you the excuse you were looking for. So if that's true, then get your racist ass out of here, you're not welcome.


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The amount of time per month that a women is able to get pregnant is much more than 12 hours or 2 days. Sperm can live in the female body for up to 5 days, and since it takes several days for the egg to travel down the Fallopian tubes and arrive at the uterus, you have to add at least 5 days to that number to say how long per month a woman can get pregnant. I reiterate, for most people in most situations, its possible for about a week.


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I agree with her argument, but it would help if her facts were correct.

women can only get pregnant for 2 day a month

It varies but its possible for closer to a week

its assumed condoms are 100% effective at preventing pregnancy

Condoms are 98% effective if used perfectly. Planned Parenthood estimates a real-world effectiveness rate of 85%, while the CDC estimates an 82% effectiveness rate

The pullout method is 96% effective

Its more like 75% effective

Men can't get women pregnant without orgasming

Yes, they can. Its called precum, and it's one of the reasons the pull-out method isn't an effective method of birth control.

Get your facts straight, then come back and make the same argument and I'm totally with you.


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My parents were both very conservative growing up - like had never voted for someone who wasn't a hardcore republican. After I left home for college and started to break out of that brainwashing my dad went Green Party - that's who he's voted for the last 2 presidential elections. My mom is still hard-core conservative who voted for Trump.


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I'm not sure. I think one should balance out the desire to lesson the harm of a job combined with the culture/propaganda of a job or worksite, as well as being able to support oneself and one's family, as well as the ability to support anarchist/leftist projects with either time or money (or both) should be examined.

If every one of us only does menial or custodial work then we are going to continue to struggle to gather enough resources to actually do anything. Then we're just all still stuck exactly where capital wants us to be forever.

Personally I love the small farmer suggestion, it's my goal to get there someday. In the meantime, I work in education. It's a sweet-spot for me that lets me use my skills and pays enough to support my family, and to hopefully get to contribute to my farmer goal and to the support of projects I believe in.

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Absolutely. Chaos is an integral part of the universe. It's what inserts randomness to the world, it creates space for freedom of action, it gives us surprises, black swan events, and is the only way for any of us to hope for freedom.


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The question of whether Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone or not is actually pretty easy to answer. Your head doesn't move backward if you are shot from behind. Someone in front of the motorcade fired the deadly shot. Between that and the number and timing of the shots fired it's pretty easy to see that it wasn't Oswald, or at least not Oswald alone.

The question of who pulled the trigger and the behind the scenes machinations are so large, I don't know if we'll ever know. There's definitely enough to speculate with some amount of certainty that it had to do with JFK taking on the bankers at the Fed.