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I'm not anti-vax.

I'm pro choice.

If you think the vaccine is a good choice for you congratulations go get one. But for us who are choosing not to get one we are constantly being attacked and treated like evil people in the media and it is beginning to spill over into the real world and beginning to ruin peoples lives. It's getting ridiculous. This is anti freedom.


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Fair enough. You are obviously far morally superior to me. Oh BTW I hope you got your Flu vaccine because it literally has a higher death rate percentage than Covid based on the CDCs own statistics. But let's ruin peoples lives for not complying with mass hysteria and medical tyranny. Also, everytime you leave your house you are spreading infectious diseases; influenza, norovirus, epstein-barr virus. You dirty super spreader. You should obviously be locked up.

Death Rate Percentage:

Flu - 3.5% Covid19 - 1.8%

Go watch some more CNN.


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Some of us cannot get vaccinated because of autoimmune disorders and for many places a Doctors notes is not accepted as a valid reason. We are living in extremely paranoid times for a virus with a lower death rate percentage than the seasonal flu (Covid 1.8% / Flu 3.5%) and as a society we are on the verge of violating our entire populations human rights as well as individual religious/philosophical/scientific beliefs as well as bodily autonomy by mandating this vaccine which many in power have been extremely vocal about doing for months now and I fear is soon coming. I am simply trying to protect myself from the harm I believe the vaccine will cause me (based on my medical history) and from absolute mindless people such as yourself who are applauding and encouraging medical tyrrany and making stupid jokes the entire time. What happened to my body, my choice? Being forced to undergo a medical procedure by your goverment sounds good to you? Fucking spineless.