Glenarchist wrote

Pure, raw rage. The planet is dying . Capitalism shifts into high gear. Fascism on the rise, capitalism shifts into high gear. Earth quakes from fracking, wildfires making cities look like Hell, oil spills destroying our seas. Innocent people murdered daily because of the colour of their skin or religious tendencies. Meanwhile people go about their lives as normal. As though we aren't on the fucking precipice of a horrific and devastating near future.

...yeah, I feel what you feel.


Glenarchist wrote

Its weird considering so many popular games throughout gaming history involve shooting nazis...but , yeah, I went on a L4D2 co-op game once and that pretty much spelled the end of ever trying that on any game ever again.


Glenarchist wrote (edited )

Christian/ capitalist emotional blackmail and bribery. hate it. Wasting resources. Huge environmental damage. Mass exploitation of cocoa workers. Toxic cities making kids toys where children die young. Suicide nets in iphone factories. Huge numbers of dead homeless+ season suicides. Low paid, over worked employees. Huge piling up of debt that people spend the next year trying to pay back. All the travel pumping carbon into the air and screwing the environment even more. Finally, the horror that is all the blood and suffering that paves the way for our western excesses. FUCK CHRISTMAS/MoneyMass day.