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I used to <3 Chomsky. Read every book I could get hold of but then he spoke against the Antifa when they clashed with the fash a few years back. At that point I dropped away. I think his work is important but his views on Antifa are all kinds of wrong.


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How nice to have the privilege to be able to step away from everything. ANY group of individuals will have issues, the larger the group the larger the chances of 'Drama'. Left or Right, infighting will always exist. This is how our species is these days. How about instead of whining and throwing your pacifier out of the pram you just do stuff and focus on that rather giving a shit about people you don't like. The world is in the 6th great extinction, you will not be able to hide or duck out of what is to come.


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Here's the thing though, until you have a global dissolution of states as entities , anything you make will be a state (or regarded as one often enough that people believe it so ) Anarchists like to say shit like " Build a better world within this one", " Plants the seeds in the cracks of their pavements" but what is missed here is that capitalism loves that shit. It repackages it and sells it as a lifestyle with accompanying products. So even if you had a legit full on Anarchist society , unless it was global , it wouldn't be long til it was some trendy go-to destination for gap year students.


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Pure, raw rage. The planet is dying . Capitalism shifts into high gear. Fascism on the rise, capitalism shifts into high gear. Earth quakes from fracking, wildfires making cities look like Hell, oil spills destroying our seas. Innocent people murdered daily because of the colour of their skin or religious tendencies. Meanwhile people go about their lives as normal. As though we aren't on the fucking precipice of a horrific and devastating near future.

...yeah, I feel what you feel.