Glenarchist wrote (edited )

Christian/ capitalist emotional blackmail and bribery. hate it. Wasting resources. Huge environmental damage. Mass exploitation of cocoa workers. Toxic cities making kids toys where children die young. Suicide nets in iphone factories. Huge numbers of dead homeless+ season suicides. Low paid, over worked employees. Huge piling up of debt that people spend the next year trying to pay back. All the travel pumping carbon into the air and screwing the environment even more. Finally, the horror that is all the blood and suffering that paves the way for our western excesses. FUCK CHRISTMAS/MoneyMass day.


Glenarchist wrote

It may be an insult term but if you actually support the old USSR authoritarian state, Stalin etc then you probably should feel bad in general. There was bugger all anarchistic or socialist about the USSR. One big male authoritarian, homophobic, sexist racist state but enough about the U.S and back to tankies :-) I assume the word to come from 'tank' refering to the USSR tanks ? ( please correct me if I'm wrong) Anyway, if you're offended by being called a tankie you should probably take a long hard look at why you would EVER support the stuff many of them I have met support. Babbling on about Russian battles , Stalin and/or Lenin...I'm babbling myself now so I'll stop :-)