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The most basic freedom is the freedom to make choices. Capitalism promotes choice. It promotes the ability of people to decide what they want to buy, how much they want to buy, where they want to live, where they want to work, and so on. With statism, choices are limited. The government decides, for example, what kind of light bulb is available, how much water a toilet can use, the minimum factory efficiency of an air conditioning system, and more.

The removal of simple choices reduces freedom. The removal of all choices is slavery. The direction of statism is towards slavery. The direction of capitalism is towards freedom. Capitalism is morally superior.


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What makes me laugh at these Antifa morons is they are using fascist tactics while proclaiming to be fighting so called facists. Ive never heard a fact to back up anything these evil kids do. Beating up bystanders like old people in Portland, violently attacking robbing military m, & wishing only death violence, and hate while wearing a mask is the most fascist egregious hypocrisy I’ve ever seen. Show your faces cowards & read a fucking book. Stalin killed 100’s of millions of people & communism is oppressive & run by globalists. You takes your freedom provided to you for granted & disrespect the very people who have died so you can say & do stupid shit & not be killed or jailed. You are the domestic terrorists & fascists oppressing freedom! Take your masks off, read a book, and get a ducking job.