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hard to say. could be the victims family putting her up, theoretically. she cant talk to victim thats very illegal and also likely not in the victims interest. apparently the charge is only digital penetration. they found male dna in the underwear and irritation on the vagina but nothing else.


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If you became police chief somehow they would just kick you out if you didn’t do the job. Immediately. Also this is in practice a road to liberalization and paralysis of people, doing nothing but campaigning which actually accomplishes nothing but saps the energy. Also forces you to make concessions.

What would happen in reality if you do this is they would play with you if it ever got anywhere like they did with sanders, but always ready to pull the football from you whenever. They would allow the “movement” to be absorbed into the system, liberalized, and ultimately die.

I think you’re kind of overthinking this. If you don’t like what the cops do the only thing you can truly do is physically stop or impede them.


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“Worker enclave” Sounds like a long winded way of saying gulag lol. Different anarchists are different, but my point and the general Bent on this site is that we don’t want to work. Also don’t admire anarchism for its morality because lots of us don’t believe in morals.

Also, If there wasn’t a centralized state to coup, wouldn’t it be harder for someone to take control of a population? Like centralizing power (for “socialism”) creates the apparatus that the cia or whoever can take over.

If you have the approach that I have to work in a state, that I don’t control, there is no unity between us at all. You are an enemy who wants to control me for my labor. That’s not different from the capitalists


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The brain worms are real. At least online it seems like every anarchist is scared to say they’re not a marxist. People see Marxism as a litmus test for being anti capitalist and it’s hard to get them to see it any other way. I can almost understand, it’s frusturating being seen as a neoliberal vaushlord at first glance by people irl because I’m anarchist but not marxist.

But ultimately I wish people would just be a little brave and have some individuality.


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That’s kind of a deep question. A good one. I agree that at least my anarchism is anti politics because politics are spooks. But some anarchists are very “political” in how they view themselves. And my anarchism is usually interpreted as a political stance. And so is anyone’s identity - the personal is political I guess is because people see it as political.

I don’t totally know where I’m going tbh lmao. But I guess anarchism is considered political by most normies even though I’d say my definition of anarchism is anti political.


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I might be wrong but I don’t think there’s truly such thing. The only passive income I know of is because capital self generates, and if you have capital you probably know about that. It’s not very difficult to sell capital, it basically sells itself. Also it’s inherently exploitative.

“Passive” income as sold to people without capital usually requires a lot of labor and annoyance for a small paycheck. Basically just a job, setting up a million phones to watch ads on or whatever.


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Norway is a huge culprit of “green” colonialism, or maybe more generally moralist colonialism. They love their “charity.”

Studying there right now, taking a course on the Norwegian language, and they love to get their peopoganda in. It’s a talking point they have “the greenest oil in the world”. The propaganda is ridiculous and arrogant and if you criticize it as a foreigner they like to say “oh well it’s not like that here but I understand why you’d think otherwise as a foreigner. I know the rest of the world isn’t as developed”.