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If I eat it and it's flat and expensive I'm taking it, so lots of bacon, cheese, and meat for me.

Can you share your method for the shoes?


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Whether it's my imagination or not, yes, I feel that way too. I read that retail theft is way up nationwide so maybe it's a management directive.

I've also noticed new camera domes at some supermarkets.

I got made the other week and got the aggressive customer service treatment from multiple employees. This was a very weird feeling, like in those video games where you have to sneak, but if you get seen every character in the level chases you. I casually walked out but that place is burned for a while now, which sucks.

Be careful guys.


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Personally I feel that is too high. I am happy with 50-70%. Since I lifted it I tell myself it's pure profit and should be grateful.

Look at it from the buyers' perspective, that's a lot of money to be giving a stranger for something which they probably suspect is stolen or maybe counterfeit. They might even be concerned for their safety, meeting up with you with $500 in their pocket.

Maybe try lowering your prices to entice them.

eBay has protections for buyers which help ease their fears about being scammed. I have the same concerns as you though and hope someone chimes in. How safe is it for us to fence on there?


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Thank you for that great reply. It's much more than I was expecting.

I drive a van and live in a large metro area with loads of big box stores lining the freeways. My state is no chase, hands-off. I am also new at this.

So far I have been concealing on my person, in reusable shopping bags with false bottoms, or under other stuff I am purchasing. I suppose I am looking for the hardware store equivalent of makeup...small items that add up when sold in lots. I'd rather go small and sneaky than big and brazen (for now).

What other low-risk methods do you like?

Regarding a walkout to your car, aren't you concerned with cameras or LP getting your license plate?