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I wasn't angry and neither were they

Ziq, you know people play shit off, right? Evidently she's angry and upset enough to bail completely, and it absolutely got toxic when you started making threads specifically to fuck with her. Do you not respect me enough to be honest with me?

Absolutely a fuck tankies thing

Except it wasn't. This arose directly from an argument that clearly fucking upset both of you and apparently enough to make two whole threads about it to get others to join in. You gunned for her because it was fresh in your mind and you're pissed about it, that's what I'm insinuating. That Sudo is an adult and more capable of defending themselves is part of what I'm getting at. You still crossed a fucking lot of lines dealing with her and none of it served any constructive purpose beyond making you feel better.

Me responding to someone who is insulting me while arguing that states/vanguards/gulags are good by pointing out all the logic lapses in their politics is not bullying.

No, impatiently trampling over her when we have the thread archived and can clearly see she was at least making an effort, however wrong she was and then making multiple threads to gloat is bullying, and it wasn't just you either. Hasbro got just as vicious if not moreso in the thread but you don't see them here defending the decision.

It's not my job to make browse stop being a tankie.

Then block or mediate, because if you're going to fight over it with an actual child over the issue to the extent that you did you could have just as easily put the effort in teaching her to be better, which would avoid any further problems for you or others with her or at least give you the excuse of having tried at all. You're an admin, you're in a position of trust relative to the community that comes with responsibilities. The fact that I don't want those responsibilities yet they keep ending up on my shoulders anyway is half of why I don't want to be an admin myself.


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At any time you could have disengaged. You could have called for mediation, you could have even just left it at what it was in the thread the conflict even arose in. You chose to continue to escalate with her, you chose to make not one but two threads deriding her (and let's not pretend it was a general "fuck tankies" thing because come the fuck on, Sudo is still kicking around aren't they?), you chose to make it a pity party when Rose and I said to maybe stop picking on someone we know is a kid and doesn't know better, or to take literally any other approach. I mean fuck, we even have a block button. You had every other way to resolve the situation and tbh? I really fucking don't see how ganging up on a kid is going to make her less of a truscum, especially when I've been doing the work my damn self to get her out of that line of thinking.

Completely discarding the ethics of bullying a teenager as adults aside, it's just fucking counterproductive. This isn't going to change her behavior, this isn't going to shame her into being a good tucute postie like me. This is going to push her further back into those beliefs and make it even easier for actual tankies and truscum, old enough to know what they're saying and doing, to manipulate her.


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If someone is going to mock me

Oh wow, how fucking wounding it must be that this obviously fucking sheltered kid ran her mouth to you, what a devastating blow to your ego. Come on Ziq, how the fuck are you letting a child get under your skin when it's fucking obvious that she's in that "I read Marx and now I know everything" phase? When she was being an asshole about sex work, did I bite her head off? Fucking no, I told her she was too young to understand it and dismissed her.

Them being a teenager doesn't mean they should be treated differently

So what, we should hold underdeveloped, underexperienced children to the 'rigorous' standards we hold adults to here? What the fuck is revolutionary about ganging up on a teenage girl? Ageism is writing someone off entirely because of their age, NOT beating on them like you'd beat on an adult instead of teaching them to know better because the whole fucking point of childhood is learning how to function. You're sounding like that fuckin "nearly threw hands with a 13 year old" guy.


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Fucking embarrassing to even be associated with this place right now, to be honest.

If you all love my writing so much that I'm trusted with moderating shit, maybe it'd help to have paid attention to any of the parts on here or in the chat where I brought up over and over how trans girls become hate sinks for communities to reinforce their sense of belonging. She's fucking stupid, yeah. She's also a kid. There was no fucking reason at all to take it as far as it went and I'm every bit as much at fault for not stepping in last night when I saw the thread.

My fucking bad for assuming adults would behave like adults.


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It's not a funny joke, that's the problem. A teenage girl ran her mouth, because teenagers do that, and instead of being fucking adults about it our community bullied her into leaving entirely and then gloated about "winning" an argument with an actual literal child. There's a fucking world of difference between beating up on an adult with stupid silly opinions and picking on someone who quite literally lacks the maturity to know better. Not the fucking least to add that she's trans, and a bunch of lads (and more than one sister, seriously what the fuck) jumped right down her throat without any effort to mediate or like, fucking anything that we'd happily reserve for even people like fucking Mouse when he was around who were actively and willfully malicious.


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Definitionally no. The fixation on heterosexuality is because the social order requires it to propagate itself, it needs heterosexuality's enforcement to justify subjugating women and to relegate them to reproductive labor, and to maintain the family unit and the father's dominance over that unit. Queerness is therefore a threat and can only be acceptable when sufficiently defanged and recuperated into that order, that's why assimilationism is deleterious to queer folk who are unable to assimilate.


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Got back into working, feeling more confident already. Money and attention are powerful forces. Haven't been able to play DnD in a couple weeks unfortunately.


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Yeah, and they're not a monolith or representative of sex workers as a whole. The conditions that create a need for work in the first place need to be abolished, people turn to sex work at the same frequency they turn to daytaling and retail. We don't need some well intentioned 'feminists' legislating our source of income any more than they have.


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Quit trying to bond with him, he's not going to stop hitting or touching you because you asked nicely.

Your real friends probably care a lot less about what you are than you think, stop hiding and get your life started already, they've been waiting for you to admit it for years.

The people you think are your real friends aren't. Stop living for their expectations and go for another walk in the woods with the boy down the road who loves you.

Work that witch rep these yokels stuck you with, you'll get farther exploiting their superstition than you will trying to prove you're good after all. Go far enough with it and you'll even learn things you always suspected but never actually knew.

It doesn't have to be romantic for it to be love, just accept people's feelings without trying to bargain for more. You can't make someone care for you in any way but the way they choose.

That pull yourself up by your bootstraps shit everyone is feeding you is specifically designed to hurt you. If they ever wanted you to succeed, they'd have helped you like they helped your siblings.


Spend more time with your mentor, you won't have her around forever. Stop pining and enjoy what you have together, while it lasts.

Write all of this shit down because you're going to forget nearly everything about your old life in less than a decade between trauma and injury and disassociation. Your life sucks now, and it's gonna suck later, but you're going to be beautiful and talented and people will adore you when they see what's in you and you'll always be loved no matter what. Others will fear and hate you like they always did but this time you'll be faster and smarter and you'll know their tricks, and you'll be able to hurt them before they hurt you.


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An explicitly transfem character who isn't either transmasc-coded but still a "respectable" woman or transfem but a sexpot (or at least not one aimed specifically for cis people's tastes). I love Faris and Kaine to death, but it'd be nice to see a trans woman just like, engaged in the plot without serving as the protag's dirty little secret/backup love interest or comic relief or both. That's a major thing that makes me uncomfortable with a lot of VNs and what little rep we get in video games and I'm sick of the only respectful trans rep in RPGs being bit characters or trans men.


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I really wish lesbians would quit trying to shift the blame for harboring terfs and at this point outright tradfems without pushing it off onto others or crying lesbophobia when like, yeah it was a movement mostly caused ironically enough by straight infiltrators, but they still ate it up and are downright gleeful to be shitty and violent to trans and bi women and have been trying to push us out of spaces for decades. Like no shit men got in on that, it's playing right into their hands, but "radical" feminists made this mess all on their own.