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"Assembling dossiers on people has always been a feature of Leninist regimes"

I'd be extremely surprised if Western Intelligence Agencies are not compiling dossiers on plenty of people, both at home and abroad. It's sort of what they do? Supposedly, even social media gets scanned to help compile those profiles. The only difference in modern times, is that some tech companies like Facebook appear to do the same...


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So many options... I have my own Nextcloud hosting with notes in. Nextcloud allows for it's own encryption that you can set. It's good because there is no backdoor to reset that password - you lose it, your data stays encrypted. In my case its hosted on a VPS at DigitalOcean, and that is backed up daily. But you can host Nextcloud inside your house and have the drive backup set for daily to auto backup to a second drive. I have two drives inside my home hosting setup which runs on openmediavault. I use LuckyBackup for my Linux desktop backup to that home hosting, and openmediavault has it's own backup software to replicate daily at 3am to it's second drive.

But otherwise look at open source software that you can install and set an encryption password for.

Another hosting that comes to mind is CryptPad where you set your own encryption password but you can easily access the documents and editor in their cloud. They are secure and that is an easy way to do it.

Just remember if it is a diary you want your family to have one day, you'd want to leave instructions for accessing it. So many things just get lost in the digital world.


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Not sure about a straight razor on legs as it is about the angle and getting muscle memory to get used to it. Straight razor took me about a good month to get the learning curve for my face, although it is the very closest shave you can get with no irritation, and of course close to zero waste. It was all about just starting with small areas, and expanding from there.

A safety razor is a single blade also without irritation, but the art there is about matching a blade with the desired aggressiveness of razor. For example a Merkur 34C is a very mild razor so you can use sharp Feather blades in it and get an easy shave without being too close. Same Feather blade in a Edwin Jagger DE89 is going to be a bit closer still as it is slightly more aggressive.

Sorry there is no really easy one asnwer ;-)