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Anyway no one is talking about the Argentine Economic crisis but the societal conditions seem similar. Am I wrong?

Argentina pegged its currency to the dollar. America's currency is pegged to itself (hard power) so it would forced to do MMT. If for some reason there's a currency shift like people buying Bitcoin or like Chinese Yuan (goodbye hegemony), you'd see banks freezing withdrawals.

The main Left things that came out of the Argentine Crisis were coop's seized factories. Since America is largely a service economy, maybe we'd see mid-level executives seizing Hotels and shit. Naomi Klein had a movie about it called "The Take".

I think the US Real Estate market is going to be fucked up - like I think we're going to see real-ass favelas and walls around cities and anarcho-economies. If there's a run on real estate people are going to try to sell as soon as possible before the value drops out


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Someone said this a long time ago like to get Medicare for All you need to name it like "Defending American Health Security Act" and put a missile on it and shuttle it through the defense budget.

Then we can defund the pentagon with the Patriotism Constituitional Freedom Monetary Act that funds the SuperPentagon.

The SuperPentagon is in charge of freedom meals and liberty houses. Everyone will work at the SuperPentagon. After that I dunno


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These people need Jesus and by Jesus I mean Hegel/MDMA therapy.

So called Conservatives don't understand why they're actually liberals; they don't understand that people aren't just a stack of books or facts. As long as they have some sort of unproblematic existence, they're probably not going to respond to argument. So what's the point of even engaging them? What's the point of even being shocked?


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Zhengzhou incident

"On December 24, 2004, four Chinese protesters were sentenced to three-year prison terms for distributing leaflets entitled "Mao Forever Our Leader" at a gathering in Zhengzhou honoring Mao Zedong on the anniversary of his birth.[7] Attacking the current leadership as "imperialist revisionists," the leaflets called on lower-level cadre to "change (The Party's) current line and to revert to the socialist road." The Zhengzhou incident is one of the first manifestations of public nostalgia for the Mao era to make it to the international press, although it is far from clear whether these feelings are widespread. In any case, it is an example of Marxist Chinese New Leftism in action."



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Reply to Real socialism! by ziq

The pro-china zealots will cite very basic information about Mao but nothing about day-to-day life in China. Do you have a Weibo account? What's your favorite Chinese band? Do you see the Chinese as human beings or solely as a prop for your larp?