FuckRaddleModsLmao wrote (edited )

Thanks for signalling to me that this is a worthless platform with authoritarian, powertripping dipshit mods. If you're going to do this sort of heavy handed bullshit I literally might as well use any of the dozens of socialist subreddits that already have naughty-word bots to chide or ban us for the horrific crime of using words like "nuts." I don't need to come here if you're gonna give me more of the same bullshit, lmfao.

p.s. get fucked, saying "that's crazy" isn't in the same ballpark as saying the N word, it isn't even the same fucking sport, stop trying to make it like it is, fucker.

Also if you're the type of super fucking dipshit who instantly bans over shit like a single snide "that's crazy" in response to you chiding someone, hmm, maybe you could do us all a favor and flag all your posts as Admin (preferably with a note that you're a power tripping fucker with a hair trigger ban)