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I don't think the term socialist or anarchist should be attribute to those people, at the end of the day they are neither. Unfortunately I have no idea what would be a better word for it.


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I think the only way for raddle to grow is for people to participate, there is a lot of forums that don't have any new posts since months ago. So if a person is interested in something and see no one is there, it's either they go elsewhere or they make it alive.

Raddle is victim of it's own appeal, most people are fence sitters that would be offended being here. We have trolls but they don't add anything.

Tumblr seems to have some alright people so maybe sharing about raddle there?


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You know when someone use "is code word for" they are going to say something smart. /s

First of all, the picture, that leave a majority of jewish people not in the 1% (56% of the jewish people) so right there, we can lose the argument that hating the 1% is anti-semitism. Also nobody hates the 1% because of their religion so that make even less sense. The author himself doesn't even know who made that crappy poster. (I'll state the obvious, it's nazis)

And then the author goes on comparing intersectional politics as all about hating jewish people because of the 1%. That guy has no fucking idea what intersectional politics are.

From all the shit written in that article what do you think make sense?

Edit: I have no idea if the stats are actually real but I wrote as they were for the sake of argument.


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It is a different type of hierarchy but I think ziq has a good point that we need to recognize that inforcing a hierarchy isn't anarchistic. It doesn't mean that you are a bad parent, it's just that we live in a world where we have to use authority in some situation, but it's also a good idea to keep in mind that maybe there is a better way to deal with a certain situation.

Maybe we can say that a form of hierarchy between parent/child is at time justified but simply because of the world we live in. If we were living in an anarchist community this authority wouldn't be justified as it shouldn't be needed. But that's not the world we are living in.