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Vitamin D helped me a lot.

What has been working well for me is in-ear headphone listening to podcast with monotone voice or even music does the trick at time.

Right now I'm trying meditation as requirement for chaos magick, trying to get better at ignoring my thoughts and who knows maybe helping with anxiety.


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all the factory farms and cows, we'd still have to step up agriculture to replace the loss of a food source

As far as I know soy beans are a common feed for animals in mass farming. Those beans could feed a lot more people than the animal could. The space those animal takes to mass farm is also ruining fertile ground. Same with water, takes a lot of it to feed animal and grow the food they eat when it could be use towards humans instead.


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If I remember well there is 20 something countries in Africa that has french as an official language.

"French President Emmanuel Macron has described Africa as "the continent of the future" ". Coming from him, it scares me for Africa.


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Another "bestof" comment from you.

Didn't meant "us-centric" as a gotcha, I remember reading about middle class in china incorporating more red meat in their diet because they can now afford it. And in Europe meat is expensive compare to beans/lentils. I just meant that the only place I heard red meat was cheaper was in the usa (not that it's the only place). I'm talking of present time, in some place it's expensive in others it's not, depend on where you live.


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First of all, this is not about contradicting what you said but me wanting a discussion as I'm not well verse in all of these.

  1. I thought fowl actually eat their excess eggs? How can animal lactate too much if they have their children to feed? I thought bees save their excess honey?

  2. That sound US centric, sure sea food of all sort is cheap depending if it's a local thing or not, but red meat is overall a rich people food. Beans and lentils are so cheap and have more irons and proteins than meat. I am not denying the exploitation of farmer which is another thing both vegan and omnivore are stuck with (except those with their own little farm).

  3. Nothing to add.

  4. I have no problem with people chosing to eat meat outside of mass factory farming. Nor do I have with hunters that actually eat their food and respect nature.

If I shit on meat eater, it's about those that could easily make better choice but they don't because "i love meat lol". I'm aware that my vegan diet still hurt people, I just think it's a lesser evil as I need to feed myself.


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The books aren't that great on the matter either but the show take it to a whole another level since the beginning. Season 2 was when it got worst to the point of killing important women for no reason. Even Neil Marshall that directed on an episode in season 2 mentionned how much the producer were pieces of shit.

To go back to book's author, he's friendly with some quite shitty people but that's another story.