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(*Note: Alcest’s lead singer was once part of a potentially fascist band; however, the reviewer has confirmed with people who personally know the members of Alcest that they are neither fascist nor racist.).

He was in a neo nazi band until he got kick out for not being nazi enough. Alcest has/had 2 other members that were from that same nazi band.


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Until Dawn was really interesting, far better than I expected but as you said really clumsy and the story was quite bad. I still think it was better than anything David Cage made, I say all that out of my ass as I only play demo of his games and watched someone played Until Dawn.

Now for cinema, if every movie can be tailored to a viewer then seeing a movie with multiple people will be quite a mess haha. Also I can't imagine having millions of different version of a movie, also people change so that would make another version of a movie. Also to be more relatable on a global scale the character should be an asian male. A film base on a bunch of data will in the end do the same thing as Until Dawn, a personality test. I think you went so far into something that you went back to the original problem haha.

I'm still waiting for an interactive movie that have interesting choices that truly matter, I don't understand Bandersnatch popularity. It's not bad but choices that lead to instant ends are crappy, it just break the flow. Choosing which cereal to eat doesn't give me any idea on what my choice will influence. Lots of problem like that with Bandersnatch.

Your idea of customized movie experience could work in a general, let's combine all data together to mix a bunch of stuff into one film that is relatable to a majority of people.


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I wish this was written better, I agree with it but it's a bit confusing and doesn't help anyone to understand. Unfortunately I don't think I would do better so I hope someone else will be awesome and write something smart.


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You should read those comments:

Whites deal better in less sunny environment, blacks deal better in heavy sun. Nothing more than years of adaptation to a climate. Prejudice base on skin colour is quite ridiculous but it isn't systematic, you aren't suffering in your everyday life because some ignorant think you are inferior based on your skin colour.