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I've only watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer and I didn't like it at all. I've only enjoyed the weirdness, it made it funny but didn't save the train wreck. His only movie I heard good about is Dogtooth but I really want to see The Favourite anyway. It looks so fun and I'm glad to hear that it is.


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Not all people of colour mind but you have to think of the privilege you have by wearing dreads when black people can't go to school, work, or are considered dirty for wearing dreads.

Sharing a culture is done with permission, get invited somewhere and dress in traditional clothes for some event, that's sharing (some people that don't know you were invited to do so might judge you anyway since they don't know of the situation and only see a white person using their traditional clothes). Using those traditional clothes for whatever else, that's appropriation.

Dreads appears in many cultures, which none are white. It has a certain signification while for whites it's only synonym with fashion. A "special" haircut we all share, braids, have fun with them.


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The adjective is "racist/homophobic", joke is the noun. I feel like a lot of people reverse it in their mind that "it's not racist because it's a joke" well no, it's racist even though it's a joke. I also realised that some racist jokes can be switch to a non-racist joke, in the sense that there was no point of saying the race of the person to start with.

Sometimes a joke can be funny by being innapropriate, in the end, keep it to yourself or a close circle of friends that have similar humour. Most comedians that seems to think that you can make fun of anything are generally cis white men that have no joke about whiteness or cis men.


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That's how I understand antifa too, but doesn't mean that they cannot be part of something bigger. Antifa stand against all kind of oppression so you don't have a choice for a revolution to dismantle sexism, racism, etc.

Antifa has also defend non-violent protest. I'm kind of confuse in what we are arguing about, violence isn't always the best and non-violence isn't always the best. Each tool to solve its problem. You can't just focus on one of them. I think we both agree on that, maybe I'm not understanding what your point is.


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Organising my time and following my schedule.

Programming: c, python and rust. ncurses.

Language: spanish, the school book i had to buy is quite crappy, lost the will to learn.

crocheting or knitting, I'm leaning toward crocheting.

learning a musical instrument, thinking harmonica as it's cheap and kind of sound like an accordion. Unfortunately most stuff I find is about blues instead of folkish.

That's all I can think for now.