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So I've started with Life, I was expecting an Alien ripoff and that's pretty much what I got. The creature was pretty cool, at least in the beginning, I liked to see how clever it was but then it just became a slasher. There wasn't much to the film, not bad but there was nothing memorable and the twist ending was obvious.

Ginger Snaps

I can't believe I've waited this long to see this film. Doesn't take itself too seriously, awful puppet, bad wig, edgy kids, yet a great film. I really enjoyed the relationship between the sisters and their mom doing her best and supporting them. I didn't plan to watch the sequels but seeing that it's the same writer I think I'll give it a shot.


The story doesn't expend more than what the title promise. I was surprised by the supernatural aspect of the film, in a weird way, the supernatural explains the nonsensical. Except the gallons of blood but why not, kind of give a silly vibe to a serious movie. The film was more of a thriller with lots of blood and deep wounds than horror. I still enjoyed it but I think its strength is in its presentation (visual and audio) and not much else.

Seed of Chucky

I thought it couldn't be worst than Child's play 3, I was wrong, I haven't seen such an awful film in so long. It was so bad, it might be one of the worst movie I've ever seen.

The Endless

What's up with film classed in "horror" but not being one. Resolution by the same director/writer was really unnerving, while this one was more interesting and mysterious. I thought it was great and I had no idea it was linked to Resolution, when Justin, the older brother, arrived at a house and I was all "oh that look a lot like the house in Resolution" and IT WAS, I was blown away, I mean I saw all the similarity with the entity but not once I thought they were related. My only disappointment was expecting atmospheric horror but it was barely there. I highly recommend it if you've enjoyed their previous work.


It was great, for a film not classed as horror it was closest to one compare to Revenge or even The Endless, also some great dark humour. The film suffer from not explaining things though, and I don't mean that it should explain everything but if you introduce something, it shouldn't break what's establish so that I have to make my own theory on why something work. I'm talking about STEM being the mastermind of it all and Eron (That name can't be a coincidence) that says he doesn't have control on anything for years then why did he manages to "chain" STEM autonomy when he transplant him in Grey. I can only assume some flimsy theory but they really should have done more to explain it.


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That's what I do, I wish I didn't have to but the state of gaming on linux isn't perfect yet. Also I've never manage to make my printer work correctly so I go on windows if I ever need to print something. At the beginning just stay with a desktop environment, there is many, I personally like xfce but the main ones are all good depending on what you want.

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Yup but if you are coming from windows you are already using proprietary software so I don't expect people to get from Windows to only libre software. Also most people have proprietary hardware so you'll have blob installed anyway. I maintain that Manjaro is an excellent first time distro, they can always switch later.

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You shut up and enjoy the moment.

Or you cuddle her until it's too much for her and she leave.

Or you get up like an asshole because it's your body.


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I thought they were black nationalist. My point is that it makes no sense to be maoist when you are fighting state violence, it comes of as hypocrite. Which is why I ask that maybe someone here knows if they were ignorant of Mao's atrocities or if they renounce maoism later.

I don't see it as a bad take to criticize their support of Mao and asking if it was because they didn't know of the atrocities. Because supporting state violence in China but being against it in the USA is hypocrisy.

As I said, I am not discrediting what they have done, simply their support to Mao. Their action had no link to maoism, supporting the black panthers is fine. But supporting Mao is not.

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