FreeeeeeeeeeeBerkeleySD wrote

I2P needs more love. It's better than Tor in a lot of ways. I always say, let Tor handle clearnet browsing and let I2P handle darknet browsing.

Even for "darknet browsing" Tor is still better, however since torrenting is BAD for the Tor network and warned against by the Tor Project itself, i2p remains the best choice for anonymous torrenting.


FreeeeeeeeeeeBerkeleySD wrote

I tried this out a few days ago. What I was really looking for was a way to get stuff from mainstream sites (i.e. The Pirate Bay) ....

It won't work with that, you must get the i2p torrents from places like http://tracker2.postman.i2p

Maybe I'm just not doing something right, but I'm not sure what features it offers that the built-in client does not.

No java is already a good selling point :)