FreePianoKeys wrote

This is a bullshit narrative because it implies several inaccurate things. First, that there is an objective standard for a system working. We can come up with a definition, but you can't assume it's implied and by most definitions capitalism fails. Second, that communist organizations must exist on a large scale to qualify, when in reality communist relations exist all over in everyday life. Third, that only examples of communism itself can be used when the collection of revolutionary socialist ideologies espouse similar beliefs and practices and can be used as evidence as well. And fourth and finally, it implies that those who call themselves communists have never done anything good, which is downright bullshit. There are many, many examples of this. Overall, it's a basic argument and we should move on to actually talking about communist theory and application instead of Cold War propaganda.


FreePianoKeys wrote (edited )

I'm legitimately concerned by some of the responses here. It's easy to say the rich ought to be forcibly deported or killed when you don't regularly speak calmly with any. They have lives and families as well. During and after the revolution, all former ties are severed. It isn't about how much their annual income was before, it's about whether they are willing to help the new society. The same expectations will apply to them as anyone else. As soon as we start to echo the rhetoric that the rich should be lynched for owning money, we have a situation like the Cultural Revolution on our hands.