FreeBeatnik wrote


Beatnik did NOTHING to KNOWONE.

Transcomrade69 orchestrated the whole rotten thing to take the site away from beatnik. She didn't want a straight man calling the shots and putting a stop to her CONSTANT struggle sessions so she made up the whole thing: the siennasays account, the screenshots, EVERYTHING. She was the only person on chapo who knew his personal info. She was the ONLY person who could have done this. And y'all just let her walk all over him and run away with the loot.

Why do you think she changed the domain to right after this happened you fools? Because beat owned the name and she wanted to take that last piece of control he had away. Now him and his alts are gone forever and she is already destroying everything the man built.

Stop acting like transcomrade69 is some kind of angel when it's obvious to all what happened.