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According to the ToS:

Content is prohibited if it

Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).


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No there isn't one yet, me and the creator of the software Raddle is running on (Postmill) did an attempt for it using api-platform but we got stuck at denormalization. Any pull requests related to this would be highly appreciated!


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Even if you don't agree with that there's still no reason to downvote because the content is good and it's obvious that you worked hard on it. You already need to invest in actually reading it before that's obvious so just downvoting after that doesn't make much sense.


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Not exactly this week, more like this month, but:

  • Finished Black Earth Rising, it was very interesting for me because there is not a lot of media about this subject (Rwandan genocide), I would like to read some commentary about this series from a more leftist perspective.
  • Watched Son of Saul, very interesting movie showing how a nazi concentration camp worked from the (almost literal) perspective of a jew there.
  • Watched Timbuktu, interesting well produced movie.
  • Watched Shoplifters, cool Japanese movie about lower class people surviving in Japan in a different way.