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I've been using Debian testing as a daily driver for around 10 years now.

I've also had a brief stint with GNU Guix, I really love the philosophy of it and NixOS but with GNU Guix there's a big focus on free software and the configuration is all written in GNU Guile, a Scheme dialect, which is awesome. The only problem I had was that I had to create my own packages for some of the software I wanted/needed to use. While this was a lot easier than I thought it was still a bit too much of a hassle for a daily driver. Biggest pro of Guix for me was that I could keep my whole machine configuration in Git.


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I think the biggest benefit is that it's trivially sortable. If you have a list of ISO 8601 datetimes and sort them using their string representation it will be correctly sorted.

It's also indepenent of language, as opposed to the second example where Thursday might be written in any other language depending on locale.

It also has a big benefit versus DD-MM-YYYY, which also can be confused with MM-DD-YYYY depending on the locale, especially when DD ≤ 12.


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According to wikipedia The Dispossessed is the first book of the Hainish Cycle chronologically. So I think it should be fine. If I remember correctly I also read it before the other books and it's great on its own.


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I'm actually in the middle of reading The Ego and Its Own, I kinda get where he's coming from but also not. Lets just say I'm confused.

Maybe I should read Hegel first..


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The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin is about both, I can really recommend it.


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Doesn't really surprises me, when I used to watch his video's he seemed pretty cool. It's a long time ago that I watched it for the last time though..