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Egoist communism is a thing, here is a reading list with some stuff on it. When Engels recommended The Unique and his property to Marx he actually intended to accept egoism as a basis for communism. Marx of course didn't think so and proceeded to write The German Ideology.


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That's what reformist socialists have tried for ages and it hasn't worked. Once someone is privileged enough they try to preserve it, even if they were a revolutionary before. CEOs and other rich people know that people suffer because of them but to quiet down their concience they usually donate some of their money instead of trying to abolish their privilege. To be fair this doesn't apply to everyone (Kropotkin and Engels for example), but to the vast majority.


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I find that liberal individualism is mostly an excuse to avoid feeling empathy. According to liberals everyone is responsible for their own "success" in life and if they fail it's exclusively their own fault. This implies that giving a homeless guy some money is bad because it's his own fault, that drug addicts don't deserve help because the addiction is punishment for the sin of taking drugs.

Anarchist individualism is more about doing what you want without being restricted by fixed ideas. Stirner, whose writings have greatly influenced it, embraced empathy as ownership of other being's feelings. Early individualist anarchists built communes far from civilization and state violence where they lived off the land with free love, optional clothing, education that aimed to produce free individuals and so on.