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3 hours is approximately one standard REM sleep cycle. So you could be somewhat okay.

From your previous post you mentioned looking at screens while tired, which would suggest a problem with Blue Light.

Deep sleep uses the chemical Melatonin, which is naturally produced by one's body at night time. Blue Light, e.g. from screens and LED light bulbs, tricks the body into thinking it's still day time, so it doesn't produce its sleep chemical.

My suggestion would be to remove electronics from the room or shut it away/turn it off, and limit screen use for a few hours before bed.

(Not saying that this is definitely the solution, just a suggestion)


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Hi, nice to see you.

Zen teachings are very much a tool of deprogramming; using the language of mythology to reground those searching for something greater.


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Reply to comment by 256 in Hibernate by kinshavo

While humans never really hibernated, regions with snow generally collapsed down, undertaking less work and living off the gathered stores.


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seems to be be pretty barren

I think someone needs to talk to the Desertmaker, this is getting out of control.

Why can't it be the Dessertmaker out of control?



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This title is sort of a disservice to the text (I don't know if it was a hyperbolic joke). This book is quite long and covers a lot besides "ephibophilia"

The front section that is about attacks on Anarchist Authors as "pedophiles". While I think the point made is sound, it does seem pretty poorly researched about the specific texts which people point to on the topic.

The later sections I didn't read entirely, but they covered the creative nothing from a bunch of directions to try really push the point being made - but I note, these sections seemed a bit unpolished.


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Hexbear won.

Congrats, I hope your parent or guardian is proud. Not every day you win an award like "participation award", it's too bad we didn't join whatever you were participating in.

Everyone who matters is already on hexbear

That's nice your parents/guardians are there for you.

stop trying to beat a dead horse and join the revolution

We already stopped trying to join the revolution, not sure what you're talking about.


What about Peace? Are you okay, you trailed off?


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I must have missed this conversation before.

Trees native to Scottish Highlands are quite rare - because they literally logged all forests a couple of centuries ago.

The cutoff between lowlands and highlands is notable by the sudden lack of trees, which was purely due to logging.

Wind farms are everywhere in Scotland - because they can still farm sheep underneath the towers.


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While I understand what you're trying for, I don't think it can be considered coherent enough to be a movement if there is no objectives at all, e.g. accepting bribes and becoming part of the authoritative class is not corruption if there is no objective to not become authoritarian.