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Wrong, it is a magical energy in your mind that will overcome sociopolitical organisation.


(Heart and Mind are the same thing in old Buddhist/Taoist texts - which I think has interesting implications)


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If you're seriously asking for an explanation of the difference... Sex and Gender are at least three things.

If you're complaining that Liberals don't actually understand, well in most cases they don't. Most of the media conflates Gender Identity with Gender Roles and Sex - and most people don't acknowledge the difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction - which both become too complex to bother identifying once you understand Gender.

Overall, it needs to be diluted into a format it is useless and can be forgotten.

TLDR; a bunch of categories which ultimately can be changed to suit whatever needs people have.


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I still haven't finished part 1. I wrote something before but forgot to post it.

The Introduction was a pain to get through, but once I got to part 1 it seemed like it'll probably be easier to understand after reading the book.

I think I was reading it from a purely ontological perspective, so I wasn't getting good or bad, just difference.

I think I was a bit bored by it, but your thoughts have given me a desire to keep going. I should probably just put it on audio since that's how I get through most texts - I only read the text if I think there's something worth quoting or recommending.

Overall I think my thoughts are too nihilistic for this level of analysis.


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historically the whole separate from your parents at a young age from my understanding is a pretty new capitalist concept

While recent history is fairly against it, I think it was fairly normal for children in more communal society to be independent of parents. With children gravitating to children's groups or adults more inclined towards raising children.


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I think the problem with the statement is mainly with the word ignorant.

Contextually, as you've discussed, the Latine classification is an answer to a Settler problem - it would not exist outside the settler context.

Beyond that, and where the above video probably lies (noting I didn't actually watch it), it is not a useful term in the context of Latin American countries wherein their almost their entire population fall under the classification.

Further beyond that, I've met Europeans that extended the classification to any country with a Latin language as Latine (ie. Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, etc.) - removing anything useful from the term.


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I just feel weird because it confronts the fact I don't plan ahead or think about what I'm going to do or what I have been doing.

It feels like I'm hiding something even though I'm just not thinking about things.