Fearthewalkingfailtwo wrote

I agree with all your observations. Even with face masks, everyone is on edge and suspicious activity gets flagged fast. Places I'm a regular I still hit (they recognize even with the mask) but for less and faster... and its also partly due to the spring/summer shift.


Fearthewalkingfailtwo wrote

OK, I guess the Walmart near me is low shrink because I see unattended carts full of partially open boxes with merchanise inside - mostly DVDs but occasionaly items that are behind glass (I'm talking new releases for Xbox, headphones, controllers, etc). I never get greedy enough to lift entire box contents - but do grab one of each... just wondering if that is noticed if they compare stock in the system vs "on-hand" and then check to see where they went missing - probably suspecting internals but maybe seeing a guest grab>?