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This site has quite a few abrasive people to say the least. Oh well, none of you can avoid becoming my friend, so I don’t mind.


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Yeah, I remember seeing that post when it was first up and getting freaked out. It was during a period when I would go through the_donald’s new posts and downvote the worst of them to try and keep the overall sub from getting worse and worse. A fool’s errand


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I know that this will be replied to with the obligatory “reply” joke, but I’m out of semi-funny responses so I’m going to kindly inform you that this will be the end of my participation in this thread. Thanks for engaging in this bit with me.

Edit: you really did me dirty, What a power move


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What’s with the downvotes for an obvious joke? Is the community so butthurt around here that a clear joke gets somebody to downvote your entire account? 😂😂