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Okay so people say I'm white, and my gf is black. We work at the same company in a downstate area; blue lives matter shirts, gun culture shirts, and other crap are all present in the workplace, and the tv in the breakroom only plays fox news. (unless corporate is in town, then it's cnn for that day wtf)

So my gf wore a shirt today with a slogan like this and apparently white fee fees were hurt because she was pulled aside by a supervisor, told there had been multiple complaints, and that she couldn't wear it to work again.

She's been really upset. I don't know how to help her, and I don't want to burden her by asking her or making it about my feelings. For context, this isn't the first time something like this happened. A few months ago, my car battery died and she went out on her lunch to jump it. Security walked out to talk to her because they had reports of "suspicious activity."

We have ordered more shirts but that doesn't really fix this kind of injustice and I feel so powerless seeing her suffer. :( If anybody wants to share their experiences or have any ideas on how I can help I'd love to hear it


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I think so. Before I had the vocabulary and knowledge of what anarchism was I thought I just had an attitude problem, because it felt like everybody else could cope and just accept hierarchical bullshit as 'the way it is' without complaint, but i couldn't. I felt alienated from all of society in a lot of ways I'm sure you all identify with and thought that there was something wrong with me as I didn't really fit in anywhere. My internal monologue was always just why are you like this

But then i started reading and it felt like oh, so thaaaaat's why I'm like this


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No, because their goals are disgusting and I'm not going to help them achieve any part of it

If it somehow could be guaranteed that whatever came out of this unholy alliance was for sure going to be the ancom utopia we hope for instead of like, enslaving people into hardcore capitalism with no rules, then maybe. maybe.


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You're not having a wedding you're having a family reunion as far as the vendors are concerned otherwise the costs double ;)

Seed bomb wedding favors

I've always liked the idea of instead of having one partner walk down to the other one like they're being delivered, to have both people walk together down the aisle as it's a partnership

Pagan handfastenings are beautiful, they're all about you your partner and your relationship with the rest of the earth maybe you could look at them for ideas


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But don't you think it's a problem that 'balls' symbolize bravado and 'pussy' symbolizes weakness

Funnily enough, since you're appreciative of humor, if I remember correctly it's the 'balls' that make someone fall to the ground in agony immediately at the tiniest pressure and it's the 'pussy' that pushes humans out of it

why aren't 'balls' thought of as weak (because, physically, they are about as strong as grapes) and 'pussies' thought of as strong? hint it starts with m and ends with isogyny