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The thing about the radical libertarian feminist view of abolishing gender is that in it, having no gender and having a spectrum of every gender expression imaginable are the same thing. We're not trying to abolish gender in that those characteristics disappear, we're trying to abolish it in the sense that gendered characteristics are currently limited by gender roles when they should be open to anyone


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Fire ordinance in my area says that fires have to be in a container, and the usual circle of rocks or similar doesn't count. It's a small area too so they have no problems rolling up to investigate some smoke and I'd rather cut out the interaction altogether.

thank you <3 I hope you have a great one


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I am hoping to have a bonfire, but don't know yet if ill be able to bc I broke the last fire pit I used :(

Bonfire or not, I have a dedication ritual planned for as the sun is going down because while I have my deities that are personal to me I've never been formally dedicated to either of them.

I am begging Cailleach for cleansing because this year has been pretty awful in terms of personal growth and I'd like that to change.

I'm going to make bread to offer to the ancestors and I'm going to try speaking with them for the first time.

Hopefully my gf does not pitch a fit.


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I got stuck with a shitty schedule about a month ago, so shitty the company knows it and gives an extra 15% pay to people who have to work it

this is paycheck 2 with no extra, wtf

after having my position changed twice to add more responsibilities with no extra pay I'm at the burn the fucker down with the execs inside level of unhinged. work today will be fun trying to keep my attitude in check so my dogs dont become homeless and starve


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I'm so sorry. I lost my mom, too. Grief is weird and comes in waves. Weed helps, but friends help more. Staying busy helps. You'll want to be numb but if you make a habit of dodging the grief it starts to poison you from the inside so lean on your friends and comrades when it's hard :(

I will be blunt, too. I have limited information on what to do now, because the situation is highly variable and I really only know about my situation. I'm in the US and there are certain things that can only be done by people who have the legal authority, did your mom designate anybody power of attorney, did she have a will? You'll want several copies of the death certificate if you have to cancel utilities and things. There are two kinds, you usually have to pay for copies and you don't need to pay for copies of both as most places don't require one with the cause on it. To close down bank accounts and utilities, mostly you just call them and explain and they will direct you what to do and where to send the certificate. If you had a family phone plan, download all your media and voicemails and stuff now.

My mom didn't have a lot of cash when she died and owed a lot in credit cards so I could either fraud my way into her account to get the money or get a court order to get it, in which case it would have to go through probate (ie creditors get first pick so this route for me didn't make sense, if your mom was in a better financial position you might make a different decision.) Again, US specific, but you can apply to social security for your death benefit, it's a small one time payment but for a parent it's owed to you. Don't make any big decisions for a while, like selling houses or cars. You may feel differently after the first shockwaves are gone. Don't let anybody rush you into having a service until you're ready.

You'll find comfort in weird places, and here is some I found in case you like it too

On Joy and Sorrow

Dirge Without Music

I don't really know what else is helpful so please feel free to ask if you have any questions that come up over time. Love to you from every corner of the universe as you go through this. You're not alone.