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IF it were real, trans women would be able to do it too, as in the book children come from the desire of wanting a child so badly that it basically manifests itself. But iirc, also in the book, it's seen as something like a gift or blessing-something bonus to being women, not integral to it in a way that's exclusive to women who physically don't have children. Not all women can have or even want children, and they're just as much women as those who do.


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it is, just struggling with a personality disorder that sucks at processing emotions seems to make the wage labor ripoff cut that much deeper some days. today i got 3 sessions in before lunch and i think i should win something for it 🤷xD


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Opportunistic plug time

Herland by Charlotte Gilman Perkins (Perkins Gilman?) is a good short read that delves into some of this