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All 4 of mine close at midnight. The neighborhood markets close at 11. Open back up at 6am. They will be rolling these times out to all stores nationwide by 2020.


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Eh, I wouldn't go out of my way per sey. Like, for instance, I got a whole new wardrobe in December so I haven't bothered with clothes for a while. But if I'm going to get gas (something I can't steal, prepay here) I'll grab a drink or candy bar just because it's easy.


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They're gonna love you in county jail.


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The cameras are usually not monitored. Usually on the weekend there is cashiers and an assistant manager. On Sundays they generally focus on recovery and cleaning. Mine has towers so I would suggest looking through the book or whatever you're trying to lift for tags.


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Maybe we only post what we want to post on here. You don't know me or anyone else on here.


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Yeah sounds like you're not cut out for lifting if you're giving up so easily. Don't worry, there are plenty of us who know how to not get caught.