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Thank you all, I have found my hope: Going Mad.

I have looked to closely at the facts and have found I was happier and less paralyzed when I was under delusion.

I can remember doing a lot more stuff and having a fuller life whenever my sanity is overloaded and it seems my main obstacle is that it needs to be overloaded, not ignored.


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Reply to Cats I saw today by ziq

This is the sort of content that gets us from 'Passionate people delete account in protest'' to 'goofy link sharing site' like you want.


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Already tried that but I just don't find it easy to talk IRL with friends/uneasy alliances(my equivalent 99%).

I can tell you that I wouldn't be an anarchist if I found others easy to work with.


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At the foot of the hill there's a neat little still, Where the smoke curls up to the sky, By the smoke and the smell you can plainly tell That there's poitin brewin' nearby. For it fills the air with a perfume rare, And betwixt both me and you, As home we stroll, we can take a bowl, Or a bucket of the Mountain Dew


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That's not what I meant, I meant I had societal pressure to have sex at all.

I definitely do not thing getting laid is the same as raping anymore and my 'last resort' was going to be paying a prostitute for the record.

As another correction, it wasn't so much 'being alone forever' as it was being judged by others for being a virgin.

Please, maybe I deserve blame for thinking like that but I was never so heartless to think of doing it, I was in a mind paradigm of No Sex = Neckbeard = Lower then trash. Now I think Rapists are much worse then Neckbeards.

I didn't even want to have sex until others pressured me. I was fine just masturbating.