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Personally I don't believe in an afterlife but if Christianity was somehow right we would ALL be going to hell because virtually anything anyone does is a sin.

It would be cool if the Christians all found themselves in the burning lake and realized "We wasted our only life trying to do the impossible when we should just have been kind to our fellow beings for it's own sake."


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Fuck the Norse Gods and the Greek Gods for that matter. They let their followers get colonized and then become colonizers.


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Because 'scary' breed and utterly detestable chestnuts like:

'they have aggressive instincts, can't be trained.'- completely ignoring brain plasticity 'Automatic Bite lockjaw mechanism' - Both debunked and no excuse for a mass slaughter of dogs 'all their owners are Nazi Punks'- Why are the dogs punished for them?


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When the Military can do whatever it wants it means the so-called 'Law' is meaningless.


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It feels like a massive flaw "if Anarchy's so good why are you all depressed?"

I really don't have any reply for that.